The January Sales
I am desperate for several pairs of new jeans, so headed out for the january sales.
I walked into the first store, gazed in horror at a million (mostly women) fighting over piles of assorted garments and fled! I must have been there all of 30 seconds and I just couldn't stand it.
Admitedly I don't like shopping at the best of times, I'm fairly small all round and finding anything that even vaguely fits is a nightmare - including footwear, but the added company of so many frenzied shoppers was simply too much to bear.
I bolted for home, poured a large glass of vino and sat to contemplate the latest rotted holes in my remaining pair of jeans.
Anyone out there had a good experience of the january sales.

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The January Sales
I did yesterday Thank You, went into Hounds Hill Blackpool. Firstly got a great parking pace, no stress. I walked into Debenhams, headed for the Handbag stall, got myself a beautiful Red Handbag (Chloe) and another pair of Shoes. Walked into River Island and found a gorgeous LBD, sparkly for the next party. I wouldn't mind warbrobe aplenty of dresses, but had to have another new one, because it was a bargain, lol. Had a walk through Primani, but their prices are so cheap anyway and I only buy certain items from there anyway. Headed home and felt very stress free.

I'm now today on line for the last of the M&S Sale, there's some great bargains on there, got lots of nice undies left, sorry guys, but got to let the girlies know when there's a bargain to be had!!!
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The January Sales
I've been to the sales - yesterday - and was dreading it. I only wanted to exchange one item and go to the Early Learning Centre for a birthday gift. As soon as I saw the queues for the car parks I began to get a little worried but luckily discovered a whole top floor of free spaces - next to exchange the coat (for a bigger size unfortunately) the shop appeared to be heaving but behind the rows of sale items the shop was empty, I got the larger coat walked to the counter and it was swiftly exchanged in minutes. Okay, so now to brace myself for the ELC -again hardly anyone in the shop, the item I wanted was marked down plus I could use a 20% discount voucher given to me before Christmas, purchase over I was back in the car within 20 minutes. True, I didnt go to pick up a bargain and only went to two shops but it was not a bad experience and it got me away from football on the telly for a while.


The January Sales
M&S have got their sale on at the moment and a special offer for today is, if you order on line you can get another 30% off. Good thinking if you don't fancy the hussle and crush of the sales.



The January Sales
DON'T DO SALES!!!!! can't stand the pushing and shoving by ignorant, greedy ******, and as there's sales all year round now anyway, what's the point??


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The January Sales
I agree with Val2661 - sale shopped online with Next on Boxing Day morning and got a few bargains - I know most of it will go back but the thought of the rugby scrum to get in and then lining up to try and get into the changing rooms was too horrific to even think about much more sensible to sit there at the pc with a cup of tea pressing buttons. Lovely


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