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The Garden of Sun - Hammam/Massage
When I go to Turkey I usually like to visit the Hamam if I can, and during my last visit my friend suggested that I should go to the Garden of Sun (5 star hotel restore) as it had a hammam and spa facilities and should be good, so he called and they said for the full works it will be 80 Lira or £29 (I opted for the sterling price as that came to around 62 lira) anyway off I went for my appointment looking forward to a relaxing few hours.....

On arrival I paid my fee and was given a towel and a wrap to use in the hammam, I was then directed to the changing room which faced the ladies changing room and both doors were wide open.

Got changed and put my stuff in the locker and was directed to the sauna (dry heat) was told to sit there for ten minutes, then led into the hammam which looked the part but was cold, i.e. the marble was not heated and it was just a large room, with the door wide open and a cold draft coming in all the time.

Down to business, a pretty quick scrub and wash and it was over (about 20 minutes in all including the sauna), then was told to 'relax' on a lounger to I suppose cool off (but I think I needed a blanket instead)

Still soaking in my wet wrap I was lead to the massage/spa area, and told to get on the couch, I pointed out that I was still soaked wet and they got me a fresh wrap, a quick 20 minute massage and it was all over.

All together about an hour from start to finish for £29 which left me a very dissapointed and cheated.

In future I will stick to the old Hammam in didim where they charge 20 Lira for a good hammam, not sure how much they charge for oil massage but I'm sure it will be better value.


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The Garden of Sun - Hammam/Massage
My last Hammam in Alanya was 25tl which included a massage, took about 45 mins
and a tip of 5tl, i thought i got a good deal but would have rather had a lady do it than a big burley man.


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The Garden of Sun - Hammam/Massage
I stayed at the Garden of Sun last year. So I decided to try a Turkish Bath there well after them re-arranging my appointment 2 times i turned up early evening to have one only to find they couldn't do it that day as the hotel's owners had turned up and wanted the whole place to themselves. So my appointment was moved for a 3rd time -when I finally did get it done, it was quite a rushed affair perhaps only 20 minutes and then I had paid extra for an oil massage so went to that. It was quite a disappointing as I had had a Turkish bath before in a 4 star+ hotel in Antalya which was a far far relaxing experience and much longer with turkish tea brought and a beautiful relaxing area (far better than Garden of Sun's relaxing area which was just a plastic lounger in front of a tiny indoor pool!)

So next time I visit Altinkum (which is in a week!!) I would like to know of a good Turkish Bath where one can have a long relaxing individual time. Anyone recommend?

Mustaq,Nice Forum by the way! Clear, informative up to date with relevant amount of stickys!


The Garden of Sun - Hammam/Massage
In Didim on the roundabout its good value for money £10 for everything including a oil massage afterwards.....Also on thursdays its ladies night only and for females you feel so comfortable, normally I like to go along with someone but now I would not feel intimidated to go by myself on a thursday night.

Try it next time you are over.....

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