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The funniest Weddins And Funerals You've been To
Whats the funniest Wedding Christening or even Funeral ever been to

Yes i realise Funerals are very sad ...But something or someone always brings a smile or even makes you laugh .

I went to one with my uncle and cousins years ago .
In the church the service was very nice the vicar spoke well
Then he said let us pray ..A rather large man bent to pray a couple of pews in front of me ..
As he bent he did a VERY loud Trump It was a ripple one
it echoed around the church , Being young i had to leave
I held my hankie to my eyes untill i got outside i couldn.t stop laughing .
I stood nr a headstone when an old aunt came and put her arm on my shoulder ,saying "" dont take on so luvvy you never knew her !!!

I nearly peed myself . AH well hope mine makes someone laugh

Has they say these things come to try us . And i failed .....Diane
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The funniest Weddins And Funerals You've been To
I went to a Gay wedding in Amsterdam a few years ago - we all gathered on the wedding boat to take us along the canals to the Registry Office - I was sitting next to a very pregnant lady and everyone I watched on the boat, I wondered to myself 'Are you gay or straight' - of course I was convinced she was hetrosexual - but I was told later that in fact her partner was sitting on the other side of her and they had gone to a Sperm Bank for the pregnancy - the couple who got married both wore black trouser suits (girls) and danced on top of tulip petals down the aisle, as apparently is the norm there -


The funniest Weddins And Funerals You've been To
I come from a very large family and here in Belfast many families are rough and ready but have hearts of gold. How rough and uncouth can be underlined by what happened at an uncles funeral....

There we were all gathered around the hole as they were lowering my uncles box down. As we all stood in silence with heads bowed and eyes closed I opened mine just in time to see an other uncle shuffle further along the holes edge next to a cousin of mine who was a car parts dealer.

As the priest stood along with all of us in silent prayer a voice was clearly heard saying "pssst,Liam have you a near side wing for a 92 Fiesta!!"

Respect for appropriate time and place not that Uncles strong point

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