The Devlet Hastani Kusadasi.
I Thought I would share this with you all on the Forum.

Its all about my partners experiance of time spent in our local public Hospital here in Kusadasi.

This is his story
The Future Looks Bright
For The Devlet Hastanesi Kusadasi
By zozatky
Firstly just a little about me.
In my previous life I was a self-employed continental trucker. In august 2002 at the age of 49 an elderly French lady decided to end my career by causing an accident, in France which left me unable to walk let alone drive. Over the last seven years I have visited many UK hospitals for various ops to put me back together. I came to live in Turkey in the hope that the climate here would help the healing process
I tried to get health insurance but the costs were beyond me.
After living here for 1 year or so a kindly Turk knocked me of my motor bike, bystanders called an ambulance which because I am a foreigner automatically took me to the private hospital. The treatment I got was fine.
I spent 2 nights there and the bill was 1800 British Pounds.

A few weeks ago I started to feel poorly, my partner suggested that I speak to her doctor (Dr Onder Karabulut).
Initially he wanted me to go to the private hospital at Izmir for a full MOT. When I explained that I had no insurance he suggested that is colleague at the public hospital (Dr Ulusoy) could do the tests as an in-patient. Being a man I did not want to go but my partner convinced me it was important to find out what was wrong. Last week I spent 5 days and night’s under-going a barrage of tests, including several full blood tests (results within the hour), x-rays and ultrasound etc. etc.
My time was spent in a private room, ensuite with TV fridge. Electric bed, bed- settee for partner, 3 meals a day for both of us, and a 5 star Aegean view over looking Kusadasi.
The room was cleaned at least 3 times a day.
The care from all hospital staff from the main man to the cleaners was super.
Now as most of us expats no the Devlet Hospital is that Blue coloured building high on the hill at the top of Ataturk Bulevard, its plain no frills but most of all very helpful. Main entrance at front A&E at the rear for most things you are looked at almost straight away. Like at the deli counter in Asda, take a ticket at what ever section you require and when your no is up its your turn i.e. blood, x-ray, ultrasound etc. etc. Get the picture?!!!!
There is a good selection of doctors that will cover most specialties and there is always someone who can translate for you.
Traveling around the hospital in a wheelchair and me being of excess proportions caused nudges, winks, and laughter wherever I went. Small children were bought out to witness the spectacle of the man from MARS.
However this is Turkey so don’t expect the level of privacy you would get at home. Your condition will be discussed openly in front of anyone within hearing distance. It is certainly not BUPA but comparable with the NHS, only faster.
Leave your modesty at home and give it a try.
At the end of the day I got a clean bill of health.
All that was needed an extra tablet each day.
All this for under 320ytl.
A bargain in anybodies terms.
For those of us without unlimited funds this as got to be the way forward

PS If you get refered by a Doctor be carefull he will eventualy add is bit on best go direct.
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The Devlet Hastani Kusadasi.
5 days in patient treatment for 320 YTL thats incredible I thought my husbands scans X rays ultrasounds, blood tests, biopsies CT scan etc were cheap at about 500 YTL and all as out patients, blooming heck!!!
The Devlet Hastani Kusadasi.
Nice one.
a few years ago the State Hospitals all had terrible reputations but bit by bit they have improved in all ways.
The Devlet Hastani Kusadasi.
I recently started a new job with the UN. I was informed of my offer of employment the day before I left for a 3 week holiday in Turkey, and they asked me to have the medical done in Turkey. I checked out a price and would be taken to Aydin to have the medical done. My parents living in Didim said I should check out the hospital in Didim (across the road from the bus station) as it's local for them. I called the UN and they gave me the name of a doctor there. I went along, had full bloods and other various tests done and also a full chest x-ray. This cost me the grand total of 30 YTL. The medical cost me 70 YTL. I was taken to the appropriate departments within 10 minutes of arriving at the hospital, waited 20 minutes for the results and then a doctor came and went through the results with me in English. I agree, it might not be private care as we can get in our own home countries, but the care was fantastic. They had free reign to charge what they wanted - but I was delighted with the care afforded to me.

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