The Dark of Night

As I lay in the dark of night
With you my love beside me
In the dark denied of sight
With only touch to guide me
Scent of night flowering blooms
Surrounds us, matched only for me
By the scent of you.
Passion spent, you lie sleeping
And I wonder do you dream
Whilst there at peace in sleeps embrace
Your body bathed in moonlight
Your hair glistens with starlight.
My senses yearn to hold this memory
Before dawns first light steals it away
I strive to keep it in my heart
Forever and a day.


Deemon in disguise
The Dark of Night
thats really good Tallulah, you should post some more of your own poetry


The Dark of Night
ok then here's another one, I've got loads it's a hobby. Glad you liked it I did'nt think they're that good.


As we lay in the dark of night,
I watch you as you sleep,
Peaceful in the pale moonlight
Our hearts they beat in time
How long shall I gaze upon your face
I know you will always be mine
Its beauty burned into my soul
I trace the outline of your lips
I have kissed a thousand times.
And before I go to sleep
I know your love I will always keep
And my darling do you know
You are always in my heart


The Dark of Night
Excellent poetry,5 stars in my book.
Keep it up and you'll be suprised the doors that will open.


The Dark of Night
Lovely you are obviously very much in love as your poems reflect your feelings for the partner you lie with. jewel x


The Dark of Night
When my Husbands sister was dyeing with cancer we went to visit her in the hospice,she spoke about her Husband Bill and her 2 Sons Billy and Johnny but most of all she spoke about Wendy her daughter whom she could not speak highly enough of.Haveing watched Wendy with her Mum we knew what she meant,only a young woman but WHAT a woman.When Ann died Wendy asked if I would do a reading at the church for her Mum..... I pondered what to write and then decided I wanted to write what Wendy had meant to her Mum in her dyeing days and this is what I came up with.

Wendy my Daughter,

When I became ill...... you were there to confort me.

When I was down and things looked dark and gloomy....you were there to brighten up my day.

When I was in pain.....you were there and eased my suffering.

When things became to much to burden.....you were there and lightened my load.

And when my end came.......... you were there,as I knew you would be
Wendy my Daughter,
My Angel,
My rock.

jewel x
The Dark of Night
I dont normally look at the poetry but YOU are very good and 5 star to me too.
That first poem was very sensual and you could imagine that situation smelling the scent of your lover etc.
It was highly erotic and very good indeed.
I think you have real talent and should work on a book of them and try some publishers!!
You never know!!
Thank you for publishing some here


The Dark of Night
yes i agree you should try and get your poems published, the first one was very moving in a way that it made me think of those intimate moments you spend with the one you love.

thanks for sharing and bringing good thoughts at a time that there is soo much gloom .

eve xx


The Dark of Night
Here you are Sea sider, one about friends and how they are special to us.


Oh to have a friend like you
Whose courage knows no bounds?
You raise my spirits up
When I am feeling down.
When I think I can’t go onto face another day
You are there by my side
To chase the blues away.
I think now without you
I really would not be here
Because with your words of kindness
You show I have naught to fear.
How can I ever thank you?
For all you’ve done for me
All I can ever hope for
Is you’ll always be friend to me
If ever I get the chance this life
Your kindness to repay
Because you can never know my friend
My love for you grows each day.

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
The Dark of Night
Thank you Tallulah what a lovely sentiment, that poem is. I also live by "to have a friend, you have to be one yourself".
The Dark of Night
Not sure how you do it ,Tallulah ,but put some kind of copyright on your poems so they cant be published without your knowledge or acknowledgement of you as the author.
You might have to put your name at the bottom of each or something so people can see there is an author.
Also I believe some card or book companies take poetry or verse contributions from providers
Just a thought!!


The Dark of Night
Come with me on my journey to a place not far away,
Where all is well and peacefull and children laugh and play,
Where Mothers love was granted,and Fathers praise was earned,
Where flowers grew,amid the dew and wondrous things were learned,
Where innocence was normal and naughty things were bad,
Where everyone seemed happy and very few were sad,
Where small things meant a fortune and presents were a treat,
Where everyone gathered in groups around the street,
Where nothing was much trouble a helping hand to give,
Where everyone seemed equal the poorer and the rich,
Where love was took for granted,and hate was just a glitch,
Come with me on my journey to a time not long ago,
Where you and I were growing up,and we were only kids.
If only life was like this now what a blessing it would be,
So let us have our memorys,and wish the world was free,
Of wars and death and all this mess,when will it ever stop,
Come with me on my journey to a time thats still to come,
Lets hope and prey for the day when all the world will see,
We need to love each other and I'm sure you will agree.
That fighting wont solve anything and talking is the way,
So join me in my childish whims it does'nt hurt to dream.
And maybe oneday all will be just as we once knew.

jewel x
The Dark of Night
lovely poetry from Tallulah and Jewel..i always feel lifted when i'm down if i read good sensitive poetry..i think everybody does at heart..so keep them coming ..
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