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The Beatles bridge 3 generations!
As per tradition wew had the family round for xmas night. We swap pressies and then get drunk, and usually sing karaoke or play games on the Wii.

This year I had bought The Beatles rock band, including a guitar, microphone, and even the drum set.
It struck me today while I was recovering just how popular the beatles music is, despite some of it being almost 50 years old!!

At one point I was playing the guitar, my niece (in her early 20's) was singing on the mike, and our grand daughter (7 years old!) was on drums!!!

The whole family enjoyed the Beatles music, and we had a great night.

If anybody has the Wii I recommend The Beatles rock band.



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The Beatles bridge 3 generations!
Ha Ha !! I was a big Beatles fan in the 60's and can remember the oldies saying give it a couple of years and they will be forgotten, and here we are, as you say 50 years later and they are as popular as ever, not just the Beatles, my Elvis cd's went "missing" and it transpired my daughter, in her teens, had them in her bedroom, when I used played them it was, "Oldies" Music. You just cant beat the oldies !!

Great Stuff Pete, Lets ROCK ON !
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The Beatles bridge 3 generations!
. great pic.. never did like the beatles ..till let it be, and get back ..but when they broke up i think individually they were brilliant ..i have all the John Lennon albums .(double fantasy the best)also most of Paul McCartney albums ,to me George Harrison was the best ..especially with the travelling willbourys..what a band ..mind you Ringo has,nt done to bad..:clap2:


The Beatles bridge 3 generations!
Hi All,
We had a similar session boxing day, a mix of all ages, my grand daughter was dissapointed though, because Hey Jude wasn't on it, she's 4 years old !!!!.
Beatles music will live forever.
All the best to everyone,


The Beatles bridge 3 generations!
A good friend was telling me about this rendition of Hey Jude. Priceless and a different slant on it from the Beatles. What a wee star !!! Lovely wee guy.[ame=]YouTube - Korean Baby Singing Hey Jude[/ame]

Looks like a fab time was had by all at your party Pete.

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