Thanks to all at Yasmin Gardens
Well, its been awhaile since Ive visited the forum but I felt that I had to express my sincere thanks to all the management and staff at Yasmin for all the help and support they gave myself,family and friends.
Apart from the great summer holiday I was lucky enough to spend another 11 days in Akbuk. My friends purchased on Olivia after having a wonderful time with us in June on Yakamoz so we all went over to help them move. Everyone was wonderful to us. I was delighted to see that building is rapidly expanding and the complex is looking fantastic. Darlene and staff were more that helpful as was Morat. Alfie and Hacken made our evenings very enjoyable at the pool bar and to all Yaminites on holiday, please support the pool bar at night and the restraurant. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere excellent. It is in all our best interest that these amenities are available and if not used may be deemed unviable so please pay them a visit.
Anyway, Many thanks again, hope to see everyone again soon.
Also some of my families passports and bag were lost since i arrived home. Many thanks on their behalf for all the support Darlene and the staff gave them. :blowkiss:

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