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Thanks for tips/ideas = great holiday
Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips, ideas and info I have picked up on this forum over the last year or so. It stood me in good stead and I was able to pass on and swap ideas with new neighbours.
I got back on Monday after a fortnight in Altinkum. This was the first time seeing my apartment since it was completed in September 08. Had a brilliant time and saw lots of the places mentioned on TLF. Circus & Deli-cious were lovely, had a really good Turkish bath at the beginning to start me off (Apollo9 - near the main beach). Hadn't planned on trying out the medical care so soon but got a bug and went to a very efficent pharmacy near the hospital and got 2 x antibiotics over the counter which sorted me out.
I even got my tapu (KI - middle box only) which is a start so now I need to read up on the next stage.
Thanks Carol x


Thanks for tips/ideas = great holiday
Well done Carol, like you I think the forums are fab for info which would take years to amass otherwise. It really stands you in good stead and gives you a head start to avoid the pitfalls, so thanks everyone for the fabulous insight you give to us all.
Fabulous news on getting your Tapu, well done Carol, enjoy!!!!

martin m

Thanks for tips/ideas = great holiday
Hi tinkycarol
Glad you enjoyed your stay, shame about the bug, yes i agree i have also learnt so much from this forum, and try to pass things on to others,
p.s think that place where the pharmacy is situated is known as pharmacy corner as theres about three there.

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