Thank you
Hi all,

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Mushtaq for the forum and all the people who contribute good information, I'm sorry to say, as far as I understand I know none of you personally and being a fairly new member I realise that sometimes I need to get through the trees to see the wood but all said and done what a fantastic freindly forum this is. I have owned a villa in Akbuk for about 4 years but have learn't so much in the last month or so, sometimes depressing and sometimes flipping great, but without this forum I would admit to feeling feel a little lost (strange to say but true)

This forum is an information catalist, I can now help others as well (common, accurate sense applied obviously)

I thank you all (the many, many good people out there at least!! Trees and wood eh!!)


Thank you
Yes, there are a lot of well informed people on here who are happy to share their knowledge. I hope one day to be able to answere questions instead of only asking!

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