Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!

Good morning Fellow Members, top of the morning to you, hope today is good for you.

As the title describes - One year as a T L F'er hmmm that F is Forum'er tut tut!!

On the eve of this one year celebration I feel it would be remiss of me not to extend sincere thanks to Mushtaq for providing this wonderful platform to discuss all aspects on Turkish Living and to the Admin and the moderators for policing the threads and posts and supporting each and every member herein. So from me a hugh and gracious Thank you each and every one.

I joined here on 1st February 2009, tomorrow would be impossible to post as it is a work day Aghhhh, and time on here is limited through the day, so sorry for jumping the gun.

I swithered about doing this to be honest as I'm not much of a writer, sad really as I have almost completed 24 years in a Newspaper, impossible you may say but I am the front of house face, friendly receptionist, placer of your Classified Ads, support to all departments, etc etc, pity I could not have picked up some literary skills but hey thats life, you can teach an ole dog new tricks but sadly this one failed.

I kinda done things a bit ass about face, I joined here after the leap into property buying in Turkey, didn't know about you to be honest, thought I had done my homework.
My homework prior to joining this wonderful forum was a mix of speaking to individuals who had boldly gone before me, listening and believing the builder which I and many from NI had put our trust in, there are quite a few of us, quite surreal really how guillable a smart pretty sharp little ole thing like me done, but I have to say, they were good they were very very good my dodgy builder.

Fast forward one year and hey I would be well ready to take the plunge, thanks to all you super members and contributors to the various threads on this board which covers all aspects of buying, selling, checking procedures, reputable builders, reputable agents, who to avoid, solicitors, hab certs, tapus, ipoteks, and beyond all to make a would be purchaser do it the correct and safe way.

I have had a rocky journey thus far in my property dealings, so with thanks to each and every one of you I have overcome my mountain stage and am now at a small hill stage, the knowledge I amassed from here has allowed me to to realise what has been done incorrectly and has made me have a voice to challenge the inconsistencies neglected by my builder, allowed me to realise it is just not correct or acceptable to wait any longer for a Tapu, and made me challenge him for answers as to why. Hopefully soon I will be at the stage where the handover of Tapu will be mine.

When I first joined the forum, I hung about the wings for a while, to be honest I had no experience of such a large forum, I read and learned and formed a pattern of regulars. At the beginning to be honest I was shocked at times of the candour and forthright nature of some, only by sticking with it I realised it really does take all natures and personalities to make it work. It would serve no purpose to be twee and all sugar all of the time, what I would say to many who are put off by this is, give it a chance, be brave you have a voice too, your nature may be like mine where honesty is paramount but you have to say it nicely, there is a place for us all, a niche for everyone.
It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. You may not feel you have anything important to say as I have many times, but never fear that little bit of what you think useless information may just be the thing someone needs, so get stuck in, you will never feel part of it until you do, least that is how it worked for me.

Daily on this board a wide range of topics are discussed, many are in no way related to buying property and Turkish Living. Wonderful really guys you have educated me on a wide range of topics which I never knew about, politics, religions, relations with other countries, people from all walks of life, very intelligent and well read folks which quite frankly I would never have had the opportunity to engage with. Wonderful really as I never even had to step out of the house to meet.

I could never adequately put into words how much this forum has meant to me, how well it has helped me to progress to bring me to the stage I am at now, without it quite frankly I fear where I would have been.

Through learning here I have been able to help others, that pleases me immensley, fills me with joy and immense gratitude to all who helped me to do it. The opportunities that have presented themselves to me just by being a part of this forum no one will ever know, the folks who took the time to post, who took the time to send me private messages and e mails all geared to helping me in my quest, strangers whom I never met who all stepped up to the mark and extended the hand of friendship and knowledge to me - for nothing, no strings just an abiding strength of sharing, you could not make it up, truly not.

I will not name names of the members but I must extend a sincere thank you to 3 individuals who presented themselves to me since joining this forum, you know who you are you know what you have done for me, I could not begin to thank you for your expertise. You will never know how much your help is appreciated and you will never realise just what your kindness has realised. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. That is why I will never agree that this is ONLY a forum. It can be so much more you just have to be open to receive and willing to show gratitude and help to receive.

Finishing off, I hope and pray that everyone who is in some sort of trouble by dodgy dealings do get what they rightly deserve, it is not fair that this is the way things are, it is not just, it is wrong. I wish with all my might you all get what you rightly deserve and by coming to this forum where we can
help and support and complain about the wrongdoings maybe just maybe the powers that be will realise it must stop, because it must it is ruining the dream for so many decent and unsuspecting folks, it is not the way it should be. Many unscrupulous dealers are out there, we must continue to name and shame and cut off the supply of cash to them, by doing that they will not survive, we must name the good dealers and allow them to continue and remain in business. Opportunists and robbers must be deleted to save decent people who like me had a dream.
Please let us all stick together and support each other to turn this blasted process around. It can work, we need to be strong and speak out. Cut off the thing to them that matters most - money.
By using this forum you can through the power of the members find out the decent builders and agents and use them, it can work.

I have said many times on here, everyone somewhere is fighting some kind of battle. If that is you I wish you good luck and good fortune and good health to overcome it.

I know there is lots I have missed, I did say I was not a writer. I think you get the drift though I do love this little place to visit.
This past year has been a revelation and then some.
What a difference a day makes never mind a year, unreal, to members past and present I salute you.
Good luck to Soo and Ceni, make their battle a little one and with the best result ever seen, to the memory of Pebble - what a wonderful strong and sassy lady. Sadly missed and greatly admired and loved by many members, to all members who have and have family fighting illness, good luck and good wishes for a super outcome.

Finally, thanks TLF it has been a pleasure, here's to the next year and the next and the next.
Ooops keep my nose clean and not speak when I should be listening should do the trick. Won't appear in purple, here's hoping, would miss you.

Good wishes and thanks to all.

Sharon Doey. 'Norn Iron'
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Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
well the length of that post should take you up to your 2nd year

Congrats on your 1st TLF birthday


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Jeezuz Sharon,

You might have taken the time to explain yourself a little - I just hate these "one-liner" submissions!!!!


Smashing post, kid, and very much in character!

All the very best for the future

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i just love my clique
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
sharon , you are good , and hope you have many good years on TLF
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Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
bloody hell Sharon! for someone who "can't write" you ain't half done well!

what a lovely letter, and congratulations on your 1st anniversay!

here's to talking to you for years to come! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Now then folks, as a teacher I feel it is my duty to set you some homework. I would like you to precis this message from Sharon in your own words. I will test you on this later.
Nice one Sharon, well done.


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Ooops tomc1984 as I now realise you are a teacher I am even more aware I am not a writer, I do hope I did not let my English teacher down as I was very fond of her. :31: I am afraid I am very afraid LOL!!!!! I do wish now I had listened more, I did like fun in those days however, harmless though I may add. ha ha.


Postless Pointer
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Sharon, stop beating around the bush.



Going to get Thinner
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Aw Sharon, what a lovely message. Congratulations on your first year as a TLF'R and hope you have many more .

Jeannie :100pd:

ted j

Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Wow Tess, that's quite a post! , Congrats on your first year (notice I said first), cos I hope you post for MANY more, and continue to be "just you", your GG heavy .Ted


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Nice one Sharon well done . Heres to many many more .........Bebs:50:


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
What a well written and an interesting post. Hope to see some more in the your second year.............


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Hi Sharon. What a lovely post. I am sure a lot of people on here would like to thank YOU for joining. TLF is a happier forum with you in it and I for one am glad to have 'met' you - Miriam xx


I've cliqued
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many happy returns of the day (tomorrow)

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Here's to many more happy postings too Sharon. Without TLFwe would not have become great cyber buddies, like so many of us here, it's like one big family, warts and all, lol


Fighting "The Beast"
Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Congratulations Sharon on your first year, also what a lovely post, it really covers most of how I and Im sure many other members feel about TLF.
Thank you.


Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Congrats Sharon, on your first year. In the last year you have made an impact with your balanced and obviously considerate posts. ( even old Perry will agree ,i feel )
I look forward to your next years contributions. Your post reminds me of some thing and I cant quite make my mind up what it is. Its a toss up between . . . 'War & Peace' and 'The Accent of Man'. Have a good year.



Thank you !!! One marvellous year as a TLF'er !!!!
Congratulations Tess.
The thing i love the most about you is your always polite and there to show your support to members when they have negative experiences and like a little banter as well. Hope we have many more happy cyber years with you :)

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