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Thank you Crescent Homes
I have just completed the transfer of my TAPU for a property I purchased in Altinkum and would like to thank both Gokhan and Mushtaq from Crescent Homes for all their help and support throughout the process, especially Gokhan. Both Mushtaq and Gokhan are honest and trustworthy business men, and I will always be grateful to them. If anyone is considering purchasing a property I would encourage you to ensure you do your research as there are many companies around who do not have your best interests at heart. You simply have to look at some of the horror stories described on the various forums to see the potential risks. For this reason it is essential that you can trust the agent you use, Crescent Homes are a reputable company and I would recommend them to anyone considering purchasing a property.

On a more personal note; I have spent a lot of time with Gokhan during the process and consider him a good friend, I am sure our friendship will continue for many years to come.



Thank you Crescent Homes
Fabulous to hear Mike, I hope you enjoy many happy days in your place in the sun. I am sure many of us wish we had heard of Crescent Homes prior to buying our place in the sun, I for one do. Due to the way Gokhan and Mushtaq conduct business I hope they enjoy continued success as they truly deserve to do well in my honest opinion.


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Thank you Crescent Homes
I know if I were to be buying another place in Turkey Cresent Homes is the first place I would go to. They have earned their stripes!!!

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Thank you Crescent Homes
It is so good to read such a great outcome and a happy customer. I too hope that Mushtaq and the team continue to flourish, BobtheNob also gave a fantastic write up of his experience when dealing with them. The good word, I'm sure will soon spread.


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Thank you Crescent Homes
Having bought through Crescent Homes in November 2007, I too must say that having used their company we enjoyed a trouble free purchase and any follow up queries - we now consider Gokhan one of our true reliable friends in Altinkum. I wish them all continued success for the future..

Thank you Crescent Homes
Hi Mike and your lovely family,

When we first met one of your youngest was just a baby and this year I saw him in the pool swimming. When your little girl was ill and we took her to the doctors, I cried from my heart too when she had to have injections! I remenber playing with your oldest boy too! How could I not help you in order that you didnt loose your life savings?.

Yes Mike, we will be friends for may, many years to come. ( Even Andy Brown is still in my heart)

Best Wishes

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