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Terrorism UK more at risk than Turkey
Took this story from the Scotsman, all the people panicking over holidays in Turkey should worry more of holidaying in the UK.

Terror map blow to tourism

The Scotsman

IT IS the world map which will have Britain's tourist industry reaching for the Prozac.

A guide to the world's most dangerous holiday destinations, based on advice from the German Foreign Office, says visitors to the UK are as much in danger from war and terror as they are in some of the world's most notorious troublespots.

The UK has been classed as being in the same terror risk bracket as Egypt, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Iran, Pakistan, Israel and Sudan in the ratings of the world's riskiest countries. The guide also rates the UK as less safe than Colombia or Nigeria when it comes to terror.

The guide has been re-published in the nation's biggest-selling newspaper, Bild Zeitung, and comes as a major blow to UK and Scottish tourism markets, which have already been adversely affected by the London bombings and the bad publicity surrounding the G8 violence, as well as the strength of the pound.

More Germans come to Scotland for their holidays than from any other European country, according to figures from VisitScotland.

Germans are second only to Americans in the league table of foreign visitors, spending around £50m a year.

The guide divides the world into three categories. Haiti, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan get a red "Seriously at risk" rating and Pakistan, Indonesia and the UK are given an amber "Some risk".

Destinations such as Germany, Canada, France, Australia, and even Nigeria, Colombia and El Salvador are awarded a green "Minimal risk" rating.

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