Today's online Daily Telegraph publish results from Transparancy International.
Not heard of them before today.
Telegraph say they are a non-government based organisation, based in Berlin.
This organisation names countries who, in their opinion, are the most corrupt.
Britain were listed jointly with Japan at number 17, with a score of 7.7
New Zealand were the least corrupt, again in this organisations opinion, and recieved
a score of 9.4.
The score for the U.K. is the lowest for 11 years, and the Telegraph point out the obvious. Politicians.
There is a total of 180 countries listed.
Turkey were joint 61st with Cuba.
Bananas in Asda now 57pence a kilo.


Completely Chillaxed
I'm always very suspicious of websites that ask you to register to read free reports, as is the case with World Audit.

Is it just me ?


thanks for the news re the bananas , they are not treated as high risk goods for transport purposes anymore so should be a lot cheaper all across the board.

x i like bananas x
Hey Alan. I'm pretty sure you don't need to register. I can't remember whether I ever did but I certainly never log-on and I've changed computers a couple of times in the years since I've been going to the site.
İ was just reading the same report in the Turkish Daily news..heres a snip from it. İ havent read it in depth but i wonder how they define corruption ..and what type gives the worst scores..if you know what i mean.

''Turkey also slid down in the index, falling to the 61st spot with a score of 4.4. In last year’s index, the country ranked 58th, with a score of 4.6.

The scores of Turkey and Croatia, both European Union candidate countries, surpassed those of the newest EU members, Bulgaria and Romania. Turkey and Croatia scored 4.4 and 4.1, respectively, while Bulgaria and Romania both scored 3.8.

Despite Turkey’s slide down the global corruption ladder, it ranked the best in its region, which includes Southeastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Turkey is followed by Croatia, Georgia and Montenegro.

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