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Hi All,
Is it possible to buy a Turkcell sim in the uk? I have tried ebay but there are none listed, is this perhaps due to the issue of registering your phone ?
Can I still take an old phone with me to Tukey or will I need a purchase receipt?
Also interested in getting ADSL installed in our property near Yalikavak, does anyone know if this is possible and the costs invloved.
Thanks in advance,.


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In the light of what is happening here at the moment, you can not assume that a 'foreign' phone will work here with a local sim card. You are safest to work on the assumption that you will buy a phone here and get a sim card at the same time. A lot of shops sell second-hand phones if you don't want to pay for a new one.

If ADSL is available in your area, and if there is a line available, the costs are set out on a post yesterday in the 'Fethiye' section relating to ADSL speeds. A post towards the end of that thread gives a link to a Turk Telecom site which gives connection charge and monthly rental charges.


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