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Hi There
Have any of you good folk out there on the forum ever taught English in Turkey?
I'm hoping to get some work around the Dalaman area. I was wondering what experiences people have had teaching out there. I have a degree and a TEFL cetificate and would like to teach small groups or classes. That's the plan at least!

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
TEFL Teaching
Hi Ann,

I took a TEFL course before I came out - I was all set to take off to Istanbul for the winter to do some teaching as there is a lot of work there but I ended up working in an Estate Agents instead! Its still on my list of things to do tho!!

From what I have read, there is a lot of work for English Teachers in Turkey and the pay isnt bad. I was looking at Izmir and Istanbul so I have no idea about Dalaman, sorry.

A really good site to check for information is Daves ESL cafe www.esl.cafe.com

Good luck and Kolay Gelsin :)


Completely Chillaxed
TEFL Teaching
I've done some English teaching in local schools and it was a bloody nightmare!!!

The kids are out of control.

It's much better 1 to 1 than in a class.

For example, I was teaching 12 and 13 year olds who had been doing English for 3 years. When they were asked a question they couldn't understand that they were supposed to reply, not REPEAT! LOL

Also, I couldn't understand their English teacher when he spoke to me in English. It turned out that he'd studied English literature at uni for 5 years but had never been outside of Turkey.

Have fun !!! LOL


TEFL Teaching
Hi Ann,
You can search your area for language courses and schools. If you can work at a school or a language course for a while, it will be easier for you to have private lessons.

I can make comments on some language schools in Istanbul but unfortunately I don't have any idea about Dalaman. But before signing a contract it is a good idea to search for the opinions of those who have worked at that company before and ask them whether they could get their money how the working conditions were etc. You can also have a look at Dave's Esl Cafe www.eslcafe.com

As Kayakoyuboy there can be some problems when you are working with children but don't worry they are not piranhas. I am sure what you learnt to get TEFL will help with this. They are children so they need to spend their energy. Competitions and games will help you to control them. Once they like a game, they won't cause any problems for the sake of a ten mn game at the end of the class.

And you better be careful about students who will try to teach you Turkish in the class. Once you allow them to do this, it will be very difficult for you to get back to English classes. However, I have seen some teachers who can successfully balance the amount of Turkish used in the class.

And if you can learn things that are interesting for Turkish students you will easily get them to focus on the lessons.

Oh, I think I have talked too much.
That's all for now
Pls feel free to ask anything.

Good Luck,
TEFL Teaching
Thanks for all of the advice, it's very useful. I used to teach 'life and social' skills' to 16yr olds who didn't want any so I know how difficult it can be!
I lived in the TRNC for a while so I did pick up a little Turkish-the most useful words were-Yavas Yavas! So now when I get frustrated about something being too slow I just remember the laid back lifestyle I had there.
I loved living among the Turkish community out there and made many Turkish friends. We're hoping to move to Dalaman in the next year or so as we've bought a house there-Insallah!

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