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Ted's Tiling Tips
Having Been A Tiler For 30 Odd Years, And Due To (Hopefully), Retire In Altinkum Soon, I Thought I'd Pass On A Few Tips I've Picked Up over The Years. 1- Invest in One Of Those Pipes-Cables In The Wall Detectors(Quite Inexpensive, And WAY Cheaper Than a Plumber- Electrician) . 2- Instead Of Using Battens, I Always Use Masonry Nails Under Each Tile(Don't Forget To Use Your Detector, I had A Batten Slip Once And had To Redo The Whole Wall The Following Day) .3-Beermats Make EXCELLENT Wall Tile Spacers(And Give You An Excuse To Visit The Pub A Bit More) . 4-When Fitting A Border,Fit The Border Into The Corner, Then, Take The Offcut, And Cut The Border That Goes Along The Next Wall off Another Border Tile, The Thickness Of Your Tile,Plus About 1/8" Longer.(To Allow For Adhesive) The Pattern Should Then Match Up. 5- When Working Out How Many Borders You Need, "Staff" Them Out, Use A Ruler, Or Piece Of Card, The Same Length as Your Border, And ADD 4 On To Your Total(1 For Each Corner In The Room) .6-When Working Out How Many Tiles you Will need, I Always Use 6"Multiples (ie, if a Room is 8 Feet Tall, Think 16(16x6"=8 Feet) , Then Measure The Length Of Each Wall(Say One Is 9 Feet Long, That Would Be18x16=288) Write Each wall Down, - for Windows, Just Measure The Height And x 3,And Width And x 3(most Windows Are 7" Deep(=1- 1/2 tiles, If 6") The Reason For Measuring in 6" Multiples, Is 6" Tiles Are The Only Tiles to Fit Into a Square Yard EXACTLY. Take Your Total, Add It Up, And Devide By 36( The Number of 6" Tiles to The Sqare Yard) And That's How Many Square Yards You'll Need( If You Want Sqare Meters , Divide Your Total By 42, Then You will Have your Measure In Square Metres . Hope This Helps . Ted.

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