Taze Sut and Saba Sut
If any of you would prefer fresh milk rather than the UHT stuff that is widely available, Gima and Tansas in Altinkum occassionaly stock Taze Sut, it comes in 1lt plastic bottles with a red cap on the top.

Also available (More readily) is Saba Sut (Morning milk) straight from the Cow, so it needs to be boiled first before drinking but is really nice.

Akbuk residents can find Saba Sut in the White house on the left hand side of the main road just before you get to the main minimarket

Also available from the Friday market in Akbuk and Saturday Market in Didim.

Why did i need to find all this out you may ask? well my 2 kids and 1 baby all seemed to get sick in the evenings with the UHT, but are fine with the fresh kind.

Wierd thing is that it is sold by the Kg!! but it equates roughly to the same in Litres. And If you buy Saba Sut it is much cheaper than the Taze sut and UHT about .75ytl/KG(lt)
Taze Sut and Saba Sut
Anywhere around Turkey just ask your local markets so they may arrange regarding your request.

Sabah Sut Marc, SABAH :)

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