Tax on rental income
Seeing the new Poll about rent versus outgoings, I thought I'd post something that was on the news a lot recently regarding the taxes for rental income (Kira Vergisi).

The new Table is

2,400TL to 7.800TL - 15%
7.800TL to 19,800TL - 1,170TL
19.800TL to 44,700TL - 3,570TL
44,700 and above - 10,.293TL

Tax should be paid in 2 equal amounts in March and July at your local Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi). Rental income tax is paid the following year ie. the tax for 2008 rental income is paid this year in March and July.

Also it's now law that monthly rent of 500TL and above must be paid into the landlord's bank account.
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Tax on rental income
The information (albeit missing the %'s) provided by the original poster is neither inaccurate nor out of date. For those who are paying tax this year they are current, although given that the first payment had to made by 15th March (I think), I suspect most folks were well aware of the figures.

Maybe she could have made the thresholds and %'s a bit clearer though...


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