tax increase
we have had a bill from our turkish accountant who deals with our dormant company. The new year book stamping fee was 100 tl last year and now he says it is 450 tl this year! Does anyone know if this massive increase is correct?

He has also added a stopaj tax of 180 tl whatever that is, which means the total bill for a six month period has leaped from £400 to £800 just as things are really tough back home!

Thanks in advance for any replies.


tax increase
Hello there,
I will try ...
For the yearly book filing price - sounds closer to average at 450YL than 100 Tl the year before .No idea why that large increase though.
The stopaj is the withholding tax, and you have to pay that the minimum for employing the accountant who you have to use.....( no don't go into debate on that one!)
If you have someone else employed by the company you have to pay stopaj on that wage ( plus all the SSK) as well.
Other government costs went up by 12% in Jan, which was the 2008 year end inflation rate.
At least thats something to look forward to- a lower increase next year as the inflation is rate is coming down...
I know it is tough not being able to anticipate these costs
hang in there

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