Tarla or Arsa
Does your Tapu list your house as on Tarla land? If so did you know that you can only sell it to a Turkish national ? If and when you die you cannot leave the property to your siblings (non Turkish)

I am trying to find as many people as possible to help amend this law. The more the merrier as it gets cheaper to hire a lawyer to submit our case.

The only other way is to change your land from Tarla to Arsa this is very very expensive, up to £8000, is to apply for 'Imar' (building permission) and takes up to 18 months and then not guaranteed.

Check your Tapu NOW.


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Tarla or Arsa
How would you buy a legal house on tarla land? I thought tarla was agricultural land or is it something different.
Tarla or Arsa
I believe that I am correct in saying you can sell to a foreigner but they must set up a Turkish company and buy through that company, it will of course incur the cost of an accountant at £100 per month as long as you own the property.
Tarla or Arsa
I think that used be a loop hole but I think, not sure, that they have closed it. Also it puts buyers off unless they want to run a business, which is quite possible with this property as it has 5600 sq. m. of land.

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