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I bought an apartment in Patlangic area of Fethiye in June 2006 and took keys upon completion in June 2007.
After a lot of pushing I have finally managed to get my Tapu from the estate agents this week - after constant lies and delays for the past few years (yes its ready to collect but .....).
However, the date on the Tapu is basically the date it was collected by the agent - i.e. 18 September 2009 and the purchase price is at 60,000YTL - alot lower than the price paid.
Is it worth getting this changed and if so how do I go about it - only over there a few weeks a year so time is an issue.
In addition, the property was purchased in joint names but we now only want it in one, how easy is this to do?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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