tapu location
Can anyone tell me if you are able to hold on to your tapu or does it have to be lodged with a land registry department?
The reason I ask is we have paid for the land our house is being built on(very slowly!) and although we are not allowed to own it until we set up a company,(due to it being on rural land) it would give us peace of mind to have it with us to prevent our builder from borrowing money on it.

Thanks a lot.


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tapu location
Until you set up the Co. and buy the land it is not yours. It belongs to whoever's name is on the Tapu. That person can dispose of it as they wish.
The details you give here are scant.
You have you paid for the land, but who's name is it in?

tapu location
Thanks for the reply ,Ian.
The tapu is in the builders company name at present,but my question was referring to whether the tapu is kept at an official location or at the bottom of the builders sock drawer as it were.


tapu location
The builder will have the Tapu annandpaul and legally the land is still his. My advice would be to form your company asap.


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