talking of heating !!
ok time for some advise
i have been living in fethiye for 3 years just renting
i have just bought my own place, i did want to buy somewhere with a fire place but this hasnt
so it hasnt got a chimney so i cant have a soba can i?
what will the best way to heat it?


talking of heating !!
...a lack of chimney rarely deters a true Turk; it should be no problem to route a Soba chimney through a nearby window/door/crack...

As Susan states, UFO Infra red heaters are good options, although they can be a bit to fierce sometimes, but they're great for instant directional heat, if a little cumbersome.

If you have air-con have you thought about using that for heating we easily survived a winter using just that; no extra install costs, and very economical.

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talking of heating !!
Our Apartment has Air Con in the Lounge/Kitchen area which is quite a large area and both bedrooms, when we are there in early spring (April) and late summer (Oct) it does get chilly at night, and our air con soon makes it quite warm and cosy, + if we're cooking with the oven on too, it's very comfortable, but I expect if you're there 24/7 during the winter months, this could prove quite costly though.
talking of heating !!
Its not a problem having a soba even if you dont have a chimney. We do have a chimney but chose not to use it after taking advice from our soba using neighbours and they were spot on.

Ideally you need an outside wall which a hole can be made to take the width of a standard soba pipe. The first piece of pipe whould be flush with your inside wall and cemented in for a tight clean fit.

Simply attach the required soba pipe extensions from the wall to the soba itself. A standard white plastic air vent can then cover the hole for the summer months.At the outside of the house you run sections of the pipe skywards for as high as required (ideally above the eaves of the house) and thats the job done.

Its actually cleaner from an inside the house perspective as all the soot etc is confined in the soba pipes as opposed to coming down the actual house chimney. This is our 5th year running this system and its brilliant.

Good Luck


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talking of heating !!
Fethiyeflo, you don´t say if it´s an apart or a house. If an apart you may have to watch who is breathing in your fumes - running standard soba pipes from ground floor to above eaves, for example, may not be practıcal and may require a proper chimney - which neighbours might object to.

talking of heating !!
thank you for all the replies
i forgot to say it is ground floor :-(
oh well no cosy soba
i can never work out my electric bill ha
is air con cheaper than an ufo ?
everyone says different
last winter my bills with ufo was about 180 lira every month


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talking of heating !!
I would not give up so quickly. If neighbours don´t object it is not a problem - they may join in with you. But outside pipes my not look attractive; it all depends on the apart block.

I used an ınfrared heater (UFO type, but much cheaper to buy) and is much better if you just want heat for a few hours. Air-con will probably be the most expensive way to heat a house.



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talking of heating !!
Depending on the size of the rooms, oil-filled radiators are often a good option.

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