taking turkish car
Hi Christygee.
The simple anwser to your question is YES, we are driving back in 2 weeks time.
PM me and i'll try and give any details you need.
Cheers, Phill. P.


taking turkish car
Hi Christy,you only need to drive to the border where you can get extra insurance and the papers you need to leave turkey,i contacted the turkish automible club which gave me this information,you can then travel anywhere outside turkey with your car although you can only keep it in the uk for a max of 6 months after this time you would have to re-register it there but i presume you are only going for a visit.



taking turkish car
Can anyone tell me where you get the green card insurance from? Is it just any insurance agent? Many thanks.


Completely Chillaxed
taking turkish car
Provided that you have a Residence Permit you won't have a problem with taking your Turkish car out of the country.

Most insurers in Turkey can sell you Green Card Cover, or you can buy it at the border. Neither Bulgaria or Greece will allow you entry from Turkey without proof of cover.
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