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Taking electricals into Turkey?
Hi guys sorry if this has been posted but we are newbies and couldn't find any info?

We are going out to furnish our new duplex in a fortnight in Altinkum
can we take any electrical stuff with us in the suitcase?

We have a spare dvd player, micro hi-fi system, iron, toaster is it ok to take these or dodgy?
Is it worth it ? as we heard electrical stuff is expensive and we have the whole place to furnish?

Thanks for any info advice.

Efes anyone? :cheers:


Taking electricals into Turkey?
Why bother ? Irons, toasters.microwaves,dvd players are not expensive in Turkey and you will not have to bother with plug adapters
More expensive in Turkey are P C s and T V s -- so save your luggage allowance for these

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