Tahsis Land?
I don't know if my previous enquiry about this got posted or not.
We have heard that the houses where we have bought on the "Kumkent" Site in Akbuk are built on what is know as "Tahsis Land"
Anybody know what this means?


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Tahsis Land?
Don't know if this is relevant but I did a google search and found this

Tahsis title land is more popularly called ‘TMD land’. It was land originally owned by a Greek Cypriot prior to 1974; the title deeds were issued by the North Cyprus government post-1974 to a Turkish Cypriot refugee or to a Turkish mainland settler.

Under the Annan Plan there is almost complete protection for an owner of Tahsis title as long as there has been a property built on the land since 1974. This is because the second level of protection applies. In other words, a current property owner would be protected from losing the land to the former Greek Cypriot owner because it has been ‘substantially improved’ since 1974.

Obviously this refers to Northern Cyprus so not sure how this relates.

According to my Turkish dictionary, Tahsis means allotment, appropriation, assignment.
Tahsis Land?
Thanks for that. On the previous owner's copy of the Title Deeds that we were given with our contract; under "Satis Bedeli" (Purchase price of the Property) it simply says "Tahsis"


Tahsis Land?
I'm not sure that the TRNC tahsis land is the same as mainland Turkey, and certainly the *insecurity of tenure* many purchasers in TRNC have recently experienced would not happen in Turkey. But, don't know enough about it to give a qualified opinion so it's over to someone else I'm afraid... any takers?

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Tahsis Land?
answered this yesterday- (dont know why the answer has gone?? ) with a translation of the tahsis which means assigned/allotted/appropriated As I said I believe Beach is buying on a coop sitesi therefore this could simply mean that the land was assigned as coop land or that the share of the coop was allotted to the previous owner.
Tahsis Land?
Thanks Bryn. Sorry if you answered this on Tuesday. My 1st post seemed to have vanished. Ours is a cooperative site ("Kumkent") and as I said, all it stated on the previous owners Tapu- in the space marked Satis Bedeli, was the word "Tahsis". We just wondered why the price the previous owner paid for the property wasn't written in that box.
Thanks Again.
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