Syria confirms Israeli jets bombed military site
The situation is very unclear at the moment. The Syrian government says it was an attack on a military research centre. A BBC reporter noted that, unusually, there are no photographs of the damaged centre on Syrian TV. An alternative version of events is that Israeli jets struck at an arms convoy supposedly taking anti-aircraft weapons from Assad's military to the Lebanese Hezbollah. The Russian Government is commenting warily on this saying it is trying to clarify the situation and is holding back on outright condemnation until it knows what really happened. If the Russians don't know I don't think anyone else, except Syria and Israel, yet knows what really happened.

Russia denounces Israeli strike on Syria as unprovoked attack on sovereign country — RT

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Syria confirms Israeli jets bombed military site
If this was an unprovoked attack, then it is certainly unacceptable. However as reports from Syria are extremely unreliable, then I think we should wait and see what is the truth in this story.


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