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hi members,just came back from our app. in altinkum. as usual everthing did not go smoothly as pool was not filled when we arrived, and we had to pay our yearly fees upfront to get it up and running, instead of monthly payments the same as our turkish neibours. could someone please tell me a fair price to pay to fill a pool and maintain it for the season.

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swimming pool
Hi davedee
Your post reads a little confusing, firstly its obvious that the turkish folk are paying monthly and you are being asked to pay yearly, that part i understand.
Then you ask what is a fair price to pay for having the pool filled?, but surely the cost of filling the pool is incorporared in your yearly fees, this must have been covered in the contract, wasnt it? if not then its wide open to abuse, for example if some one on the complex is not going to their apartment this year for whatever reason then you can bet your bottom dollar they wont pay for the pool filling, especially if they are not contracted to.
As for the origional point i prefer to pay my dues and get them out of the way for the year but that just my preference, would your managment company not allow you to pay monthly have you discussed.
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