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Swimming pool lights
Just a quick question to those of you who have a pool . How do you change a blown bulb? obviously, the housing will be watertight, so do you have to drain the pool everytime a bulb blows?. Ted:dooh:


Swimming pool lights
No, the housing slides off a bracket on the wall and you can do it on the poolside. Just be careful how you put it back together again (if anyone has a light that is a doddle to change the bulb, we want to know about it), as ours are tricky to put together again. Also, don't touch the bulb directly with fingers, use paper or clean cloth. But I imagine you know that, so, sorry ;)


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Swimming pool lights
On the 1s here in the uk (Made by Certkin) you remove the whole housing underwater take to top will have wire wound round the light swap housing and seal for new job done


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Swimming pool lights
If it won't slide of, try turning the whole unit anti-clockwise about a quarter of a turn and it should come out attached to a long length of cable.

The hardest part is getting the cable back into position behind the unit. It's easier, if you've got enough reach, to lay on the edge of the pool surround and use a snorkel and goggles while you're messing about with it.

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