Susan Boyle
Unfortunately, she was born with minor brain damage and has learning difficulties.

Her agent vigorously denies that she goes by the name of "Harriet Harperson", during the Parliamenary term!!!



I Love Kleopatra Beach !
Susan Boyle
Its a shame , Her voive is really lovely but she can't cope with some aspects of fame , and some people react when nervous , I think this is her problem she dose these things through nerves . She did lead a shelterd life , ...A long time ago when i met new people or went to partys etc i started to stutter , But as time wore on it stopped , I never understood it , .....but maybe it was nerves ......Diane


Susan Boyle
I have a mate who has a stutter

But when he has a couple of beers it just goes away. Dont know why, as you say maybe its a nerves thing


Shake It Baby...
Susan Boyle
Jealousy, bitchiness? Whatever it was, I don't think Elaine Paige does herself any favours here.

'Susan Boyle's music idol Elaine Paige has attacked the Britain’s Got Talent star, calling her a “virus” who she doesn't have any “pride” for.'




Susan Boyle
i was pleased that although not winning Britains got talent,she was given a record contract and gained the fame and money she not a lover of simon cowell , but at least he kept to his word and gave her this contract.(even though he knew it would also line his pocket.)even so i feel that the pressure will get to her sooner or later .if i was her i would think , im now got all the money i can ever want, ive had my fame ,and now i will call it a day ,befor the inevitable pressure takes over. love her or hate her i dont feel anybody would want her to see her suffer.and she proved people wrong by thinking she would be a joke of a singer when she was on the show.i feel the fame would have pressurised anybody who had not been in the public eye befor,let alone a person of her background.


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