Susan Boyle admitted to Priory
It has been on the news here this morning that she was seen at her hotel by a private dr and has been admitted to the Priory for treatment.
Pressure to much for this very quiet lady (locals say) who lives on her own with her cat and has been teased since school days.
Hope she recovers quickly and gets all the support she needs to have a successful career, she deserves it.

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Susan Boyle admitted to Priory
Don't watch the show, have seen Ms Boyle on the news, she conducted herself on stage with magnanimity and humility, two words that would never appear in connection with the " panel ". Good luck to all who bared their souls on the show.


Susan Boyle admitted to Priory
I said a few weeks ago when she first appeared that she would be built up by the media, then knocked down again (It's a Brit thing !)
She looked to me as if she was 'wilting' and when you realise that she isn't a savvy ruthless business person, but a woman who was given instant fame from nowhere previously, and has 'learning difficulties' as well, I think this was inevitable.
She will no doubt be put back in the spotlight sometime soon, make one album, get paid good money and be forgotten within a year.

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