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Steve Martin - plastic surgery?
Just got back in from seeing the new Meryl Streep film "It's complicated" which I really enjoyed and thought was funny. However, I couldn't get over Steve Martin, the actor...what is going on with his face? I couldn't tell if it was botox or the windtunnel look from too much plastic surgery.

I can't remember him being in any films lately. I remember Roxanne (he was a fire chief with a long nose who falls in love with Darryl Hannah who plays Roxanne) and another one with Goldie Hawn - these were ages ago (90's) and he wasn't a spring chicken then. He just has no wrinkles, lines, grooves but his face looks too wide for his head like it's been stretched. I thought it was odd when I saw the trailer but a 2hr film had me transfixed.

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