Completely Chillaxed
Stasi-ing The Stasi.
This was posted on the Association of Britsh Drivers website after being seen on a news site

Yesterday I drove down a main road near Wrotham in Kent, and I noticed on each side of the two-way road, facing oncoming traffic, was a camera unit of some kind on a tripod, with a cable descending to a box beneath. I could see no-one with them and no indication what they were. Parked a few yards back in a layby was a chap in plain clothes, sitting in the back of an unmarked Citreon. I turned round my car, went back and also parked in the layby. I got out my video camera (kept for such occasions) and walked towards his car.

I noticed a yellow reflective jacket on the front seat and wisely concluded that the cameras were something to do with him - so I then walked around his vehicle filming him, his vehicle and the cameras. I then went back to my car. As I started the engine, he quickly walked up to me, so I wound down the window and the exchange started:

Him: What do you think you're doing?
Me: Filming. What were you doing?
Him: Filming.
Me: Well we're doing the same thing aren't we?
Him: Yes but I don't WANT to be filmed.
Me: NOR do I
Him: But that's my job!
Me: That's my job too!
Him: Who are you then?
Me: Who are you?
Him: I want to know who YOU are.
Me: I want to know who YOU are.
Him: I'm here for the council
Me: I'm here for the public
Him: You can't take film for the public
Me: Why
Him: Because you have to work for someone
Me: I do
Him: Who?
Me: The public
Him: What do you mean the public?
Me: I work for a group of people who don't like being filmed, and they pay me to take film of anyone who starts filming them. In fact I go round looking for people like you.
Him: What do you do with the film?
Me: What do YOU do with the film?
Him: I give it to the council. What do you do with your film?
Me: I give it to the public
Him: Well I don't want to be on your film, so I'm going to ask you to destroy it straight away.
Me: Well I don't want to be on your film either, so I want you to destroy yours straight away.
Him: I can't.
Me: Neither can I
Him: Well just you make sure you don't use any of that film of me.
Me: Ok And just you make sure you don't use any of that film of me.
Him: Ok.
Me: I still don't understand what the purpose of YOUR film is, what do they use it for?
Him: I don't know. They don't tell us what it's for, we just have to go out and do it!
Me: God. How long have you been doing this?
Him: On and off for three weeks.
Me: Three weeks! And you don't know what it's for?
Him: No. How long have you been doing it then?
Me: About six years
Him: Oh I couldn't stand it that long.
Me: No I'm thinking of giving it up soon.
Him: Yeah well, I better go now. Nice talking.
Me: Yeah great, mind how you go.

He then waved me goodbye as I drove off. What he didn't know was I was also recording the conversation too! But hey, I made him a promise.

:roundgrin :3:

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