Starving Syrians
Well they have a choice 'Starve or go home' either way they may be in a losing situation, except one way to death is far quicker than the other.

Your concern is touching:mmph::mmph: ....and what makes you think they would be better off there ? if their own President Assad (who they are most likely running from ) stopped supplies... Maybe special forces could boost the Jordanian effort , they closed the border it seems as losing soldiers trying to get aid to them or maybe air drops... ( but for that, people would have to be actually concerned over their fate )

No point looking to Trump when refugees are involved, and Putin seems to be using the misery of these people as a geopolitical tactic to rid the US from the area whilst bolstering Assad's indifference.......Starvation of a people used as pawns it seems.
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Starving Syrians
This is reminiscent of Assad's previous actions in areas around Syria where troops surrounded enclaves of civilians and basically said either bend the knee or starve and we will bomb you to hell.
These poor people are pawns in a geo-political game.
They are ALREADY in Syria so that disgusting 'person' Assad is already responsible for them.
The UN should be forcing him to feed them.How much money does he have stashed away in offshore banks?

As for of's comment about going home, how can you be sure there is even a 'home' to go to that isn't either looted, flattened, taken over, or booby-trapped? Will there be any facilities there like water, food, a clinic or hospital?Will there be a police presence to keep order? That's a ridiculous expectation.

What should be happening is a return of all the fit young Syrian men who hang around in the Istanbul coffee / tea shops all day. They are the ones who should be rebuilding their country instead of idling in Turkey.

"Rukban is Syrian people on Syrian territory, so it is the responsibility of the Syrian government and the U.N. and the international community," Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Oct. 27. "We are not going to own Rukban."

He added, however, that Jordan will continue to provide water to Rukban and access to a Jordanian clinic for those in need.

"The camp's location has pushed the warring sides to use it as a way to pressure each other, while simultaneously neglecting the camp," said Rami Abdulrahman, who heads the Observatory.

I dont know about anyone else on TFL but I am now absolutely sick of the misrule of governments around the world and the consequent misery of ordinary families caught up in the fallout.
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