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Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
He isn't serious is he.
lets work this one out he says he can cram in 10 per cent more people on the same volume of space.So this means the plane will be 10 percent heavier without the passengers luggage.
But according to the planes at the moment that has restricted the passengers luggage weight due to it is to heavy for the plane to take off[something like that]Then how is the plane of the future that will be 10 per cent heavier plus the passengers luggage added on that 10 per cent is going to get off the really contradicting what the real issue is about.

lt just doesn't make sense to me.
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Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Ryanair wants it's passengers to stand or use stools during flights to cut costs.

Ryanair to make passengers stand in bid to cram more on board | Mail Online

Doesn`t time fly KKOB.... I can remember using that system a long time ago when all the passengers sat on benches looking at each other (with no seat belts) and when it was time to get off, someone just opened the door and told them to get out with both hands holding there `smallpacks`and hand luggage ........Aye these were the days eh!!!! Getting through Customs was a bit of a bind though....

Do you think RyanAir are working around that system ??


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Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Over the drop zone !!

Green Light on !!!

GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3:

Passenger luggage weight is isn't generally restricted due to take-off weight. It's restricted per item due to Elfin Safety, so that the baggage handlers don't hurt themselves. The second factor to take into account is fuel costs, but with more passengers on board, they can afford more fuel.

If they're gonna have stools they also need the overhead rails and hanging straps etc like on the London Underground! :lol:
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Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Well I know I like a bargain but thats a definate no no with me, I wouldnt be boarding there flights to be greeted with any form of stool.



Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Its a great way for Ryanair to get free press around Europe by making these statements !!


Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Neutral - Exactly !!
There is no such thing as bad publicity to Ryanair and this is another brilliant way to have their name, logos, photos etc etc shown in most if not all of the tabloids.
The man O'Leary would have to pay a fortune for adverts with the same coverage.


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Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
I reckon he could cram in another dozen or so by strappin them to the wings....

Standing Room Only On Ryanair !
Michael O'Leary and his PR team at Ryanair are brilliant at these PR stunts. The UK media love the wild stories, and Ryanair get what amounts over the year to hundreds of thousands of pounds of free premium advertising. Of course, the ideas never see the light of day on actual flights - remember Pay for a Pee etc etc - but they still get people talking about Ryanair, get people onto their website, get free publicity, and if the stunts achive their objectives, get more passengers to fly with them. Its been done for donkeys years in the media by sharp PR guys like Max Clifford who feed the media brilliant storylines that may not be quite accurate but get the desired effect for him and his clients.

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