Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave
All babies born in Britain could have the EU flag stamped on their birth certificate within three years.

Eric Pickles said there was nothing he could do to prevent the emblem from replacing the royal crest on birth, marriage and death certificates.

The Communities Secretary warned the move was part of a Brussels plot to brand people as European citizens ‘from cradle to grave’.

He said the plan, contained in the Lisbon Treaty, was part of an insidious campaign to stamp the EU flag across all tiers of public administration and undermine nation states.

His warning came after the EU unveiled new identikit blue-and- yellow certificates emblazoned with the 12-star flag.

They will have legal force across the continent from early next year.

For now, these will be available alongside national certificates, so parents will be able to ask for either a British certificate or a European one.

The idea is to make it easier for migrants to move around Europe.

Brussels has not yet demanded that EU certificates become compulsory, but Mr Pickles said it was only a matter of time.

He used the example of driving licences, where at first it was optional for countries to put the 12-star EU symbol on new documents.

Five years later it became mandatory, and in 2011 they were rebranded as ‘European driving licences’.

The EU regulation on birth, marriage and death certificates is due to be reviewed in three years, and sources close to Mr Pickles said they feared it could become compulsory then.

Because it is being implemented under the Lisbon Treaty, which was signed by the last Labour government without a referendum, such a move would not need the say-so of the British parliament.

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Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave
If this is a worry for this ten ton tory twit or any other xenophobic moron they really need to get out more often


African Refugee
Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave
So what's all the fuss about? Doesn't seem all bad to me.

EU-ism has it's bad points but it certainly makes things easier for genuine EU residents to move around and do business.

Or are people afraid that nations are going to be de-nationalised somehow?


Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave
I am not too bothered about what it says on my licence other than it covers me to drive. I was born in Yorkshire and am a Tyke by nature, Leeds has an owl as an emblem, it should be on my birth certificate, it isn't so I live with it.

Leeds is in England, England is in the UK, the UK was in the EU the last time I enquired and I am in Turkey. I can live with that me thinks.
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