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Speedy Work Permits For 2010
So does that mean they still say NO but more quickly :fish2:


Speedy Work Permits For 2010
its not so much about the gov saying no its the employers you want to work with that need to say 'yes'....'i will go through the process with you to get you one'.....
most dont as they cant keep up the SS payments ontop of the wages even when you do get the visa or have the time to follow up the paperwk and calls to Gov etc etc.
but worth asking for work permit if you are a teacher -dont presume it cant be done.
it has been and can be, but paperwk costs in the process... and it may only be valid for a yr anyway! the ammount of documents and translation required is endless and each notary payment adds up....if this process can be shortened thats great but i presume the costs invloved remain the same.....and your wage may be less in the end as you may be paid as a turk and you may get a surpise at the end of your month when payments come.....but you do get SS or whatever its called now...

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