Spam and require replies.
Hi all, time for some fun, I received this spam from Turkey so have decided to take the guy on and see how far he will go. Below is the email and also my reply. I am looking for some ideas to keep this guy busy for the a while.

Good Day,.

I hope my letter meets you in good health. I was a former employee of a securities firm in Istanbul-Turkey. I've contacted you due to your location as compared with one of our late client's supposed grantee holder and considering the stringent revenue control here. I humbly request your help in protecting the client's interests and benefits he left with the firm before it is foreclosed. My intention is to perhaps present you as the Grantee to the depositor so that the deposits can be safely transferred to any safe location we agree upon. The legal document to back up this process will be provided to you for official Notary purpose at your local notary office as all procedures will be executed under legal process.

I will further disclose more of the information to you on receipt of your positive response from you.


I thank you for considering me as a grantee of the deposits and of course realising the stringent financial controls in Turkey then we must all try and help one another I have always found the turkish people to be so friendly and trusting. If the systems are in place and there is a small financial gain for me then I may consider your proposal if you can meet certain requirements.

It will soon be the start of a new year and I hope your deceased clients family can get over their grief and are going to be much happier and prosperous in 2010.

In the first instance can you give me some detail of what the legal documument you have that requires to be notarised?

kind regards

Mr. Gimi A. Brake

ted j

Spam and require replies.
Love the name you used Juco!. Can't think of anything at the moment,but someone should soon. Ted.


Spam and require replies.
I often look at that site, they get up to some amazing things it's just too funny


Kipper restorer
Spam and require replies.
I got into a deep correspondence with some Nigerions using my alter ego----Alfred Ukam, call me Alf
I proudly display their phoney cheque made to Alf Ukam on my wall, HSBC took a photocopy for their wall too!.

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