I went through the same sort of process, things that put me off Spain was Food (nearly everything has Jamon in it) prices are in Euro for everything so nearly same or more than UK for cost of living, higher crime rate than Turkey.


Yes , a lot of the properties are sold as leasehold not freehold, that is an area you need to be very sure of .


I too am thinking of moving to Spain or possibly France, definitely an EU country next time. I dont dislike Turkey and have been quite happy here and maybe the fact that its run in such a chaotic way is part of its charm but I find it quite frustrating. Its just my opinion but I find Turkey is fine for holidays but not for permanent living.



I think you are in the best position that anyone could be:-

1) You haven't yet bought
2) You know the pitfalls better than the vast majority
3) The prices have fallen and its a buyers market
4) You would not hand over your money until everything is in order
5) You have conducted loads of "polls" to decide (joke!)
6) Not everyone is bad, there are many good people out there as well
7) You like Turkey
8) You have support from all on this forum

How I wish I was in your position!!!

Better the devil you know, keep your freinds close and your enemies even closer bla bla Bla!!



labman has made some very good points there.

why Turkey over Spain? for me it was about value for money. We couldnt afford a one bed apartment in Spain but bought a 4 bedroomed house in Turkey

OK, so you can get to Spain quicker and cheaper than you can to Turkey but its about the cost once you are there. With the Euro exchange rate Spain is (reported to be) expensive, whilst Turkey remains inexpensive and affordable

From an inverstment perspective there is more headroom in Turkey (for prices to rise)

Rentals? unlikely to get rich (lucky to break even) in Turkey but has the potential to grow. Spain is probably a more mature market but possibly sliding?

So in retrospect I am glad to have bought in Turkey - its a bit of a rollercoaster adventure at time and you do get worried when you read all the horror storys. But do your research and be careful and you should be OK

one last tip - always use a good solicitor!
We have just had friends staying with us in Turkey They have had a place in Spain for 10 years and every problem we told them about in Turkey they had a similar tale to tell about Spain! they both would love to be able to sell in Spain and buy in Turkey as they thought the people were more friendly and the country more beautiful.
I own a place in Spain and Turkey. I love Spain and Turkey, but for different reasons..

Spain is more with it than Turkey. Spain has better roads and infastructure. Spain does not have earthquakes and it's climate is better than Turkey, warmer winters and not so hot summers. Buying property in Spain is safe as long as you do your homework and use decent lawyers etc. Spain is easy to fly to and shorter flights than Turkey. I think property is better looking in Spain than it is in Turkey. Spain has some breathtaking scenery and towns. Alcohol is a sensible price. Cars and fuel are good prices.

Spain does have a high crime rate and I dont feel safe there sometimes. You dont get as much for your money now due to the exchange rate , euro and pound. When I bought it was 1.6 Euro to the £. Some places in Spain are spoilt and built up. Houses are much more money than Turkey. You get much more for your money in Turkey too, seaviews, much bigger houses.

Turkey has great value property. Turkey has some great unspoilt scenery and seems very spacious compared to Spain. I feel safer in Turkey than Spain. People are friendlier in Turkey than Spain. Turkey has rustic charm and more character than parts of Spain I know. Turkey is more exotic and exciting to me than Spain. I prefer Turkish food. I feel more relaxed in Turkey. Eating out and trips etc are better value in Turkey as we get more tl to the £ than Euro to the £. Bills are cheaper in Turkey than Spain, water, elec etc as there are no standing charges like Spain. I feel Turkey is more of a social place, you would have a better social life there. Turkey is very green .

Neg thing are cars and fuel are quite pricey. Taxes are higher than Spain. Alcohol is dearer. Longer flight times. Roads are sometimes rustic and infastructure not as good as Spain, but I think this gives Turkey it's character. Turkey has colder winters and hotter summers than Spain in general and Mozzies can be worse than Spain. I have never been bitten in Spain..

I prefer Turkey slightly more than Spain. It has more character and people are more open and social....I feel at home there and safe..

I still love Spain, but if I have to pick a place to live or spend long holidays in it will be Turkey...

hope that helps...


Shake It Baby...
There are fors and againsts like so many things in life.

I don't think anyone should buy a property abroad unless they can afford to 'lose' the money if you know what I mean, or are moving to that country lock, stock and barrel.

The days of making a quick killing on property are over - for now at least.

From a purely physical country and people angle, Spain cannot touch Turkey - but there is a perception that you're much better legally protected in an EU member state, and the language is much easier to pick up.

A good post Crashtester with fair points made. Good luck whatever you decide.



I Love Kleopatra Beach !
My cousin had a 5 bedroom villa in spain with a lot of land and wonderful views . But the powers that be grabbed that land and built a big factory ! the view was then concrete . and white smoke . her dream home now stands empty . I had a villa in Lanzerote I sold it i just was'nt happy there . Then theres the Siesta If i ever ran out of anything it was always in Siesta ! I hated the food . And hard to believe in Malaga i went into 3 restraunts and could'nt get a Spanish omlette ! Portugual is much better than spain in the EU good restraunts and Golf courses and safer to buy into . However Turkey is unique I dont think you can beat it . For the people the History the scenery and the beaches . Try spain for 6 months then compare Diane
If you were contemplating Spain I personally would suggest you sign up to big sales companies newsletters like Parador for the Spain area.
Getting a discounted Parador viewing trip for 3 - 4 days at £9 - £10 each (thats how much we paid last time we went) its well worth it.
Although we did not buy from them. It gave us an opportunity to explore the market of what was available ( yes inflated some what by paradors marketing prices) But also gave us the opportunity to ask so many questions, spotting areas whilst out viewing that we actually liked and coming home with those areas in our heads to search the internet for other properties in those areas.

This was actually last done 3 years ago just before they hit there recession hence the reason we never purchased there so far.
We since then fell in love with Turkey and bought there last year. But my mother is still contemplating the Spanish property home in the typical spanish community with an Expat community but not on a purpose built expat site (mini town ) of which there are many.

good luck which ever way you choose to go on this.


peter the postie

Wer'e not really here
I'd virtually mirror most comments already made. I suppose there are pro's and con's wherever you buy, but our prime reason was for the love of Turkey.
We've been to quite a few places in Spain, but compared to Turkey it seems so sterile.

To be brutally honest (and dont take this the wrong way) I doubt you will ever buy in either country. Without wanting to sound critical there are careful people, and then there is Crash lol!

There is nothing wrong with caution, but at some point we have to accept an element of risk wherever, or whatever we decide to do.

Ms Who

aka Kym Ciftci
Rafiki would be a good person for you to chat to - I believe he has seen both sides of the coin. I lived in Spain for a year but I didnt buy property. It was a great experience but it wasnt the country for me.

I personally find your post quite sad, you seem to automatically asume if you bought something here something would go wrong. As Im always saying, you put yourself in the hands of the right people and you will end up as happy as those that went before. You can do as much research as you like but there is a whole other side to Real Estate that you would never get to know unless you did the job day in day out, had the connections, knew the culture and could speak the language. Still, some people read a few things, do some research and think they know what they are talking about (not aimed at you, just in general).

As you are so unsure, I think you need to spend some time in your country of choice and really get to know it before you even consider buying anything.
I think I have seen a programme advertised this week regarding all the pitfalls, nightmare stories regarding buying in Spain, I will have a look at the tv mag and try and find out when its on.



Hi...At one time I owned 3 properties in Altinkum and my partner and I lived there for a few years up until a few years ago. I sold 2 of the properties a few years ago when we decided to move back to the Costa Del Sol where we had lived and worked previously.
We had many reasons for deciding to move back to Spain at the time and heres a few of them, before someone jumps on me and accuses me for running Turkey down, bare in mind that these were our personal reasons, a result of the opinions we had formed since living in Turkey full time for a few years:
1..The lack of infrastructure
2..The very high cost of travelling backwards and forwards to the UK to visit.
3..High cost of Petrol/Diesel
4..Limited choice and high cost of Clothes (women’s) and imported goods.
5..Huge lack of Varied entertainment and leisure facilities.
6..The difficulties involved if we wanted to work legally.

Quite simply we both missed the standard of living that we had both enjoyed in the UK and Spain.

We have been back in Spain almost 3 years now and in comparison we find it to be the better choice by far.
1..Infastructure where we live is in place and maintained.
2..We both fly backwards and forwards to the UK on a regular basis for around 70 euros return on average.
3..Diesel costs 0.85 cents per ltr with Petrol only slightly more.
4..Shopping, just like being back in the UK but cheaper and no problems importing goods into the country.
5..Thearters, cinemas, Proper Gyms, Health clubs ect.
6..No problems owning a business or working.

I'm not saying the Costa’s are a better place to be, just that my partner and I prefer it to LIVING in Turkey. I still like my place in Turkey and probably enjoy the place more when I visit now than I did when I lived there.

As for purchasing property, I think that right now is probably the best time to buy in Spain as the cost of property has dropped dramaticly over the last few years due to the over building, over pricing and corruption that has taken place in the past....similar to Turkey really!
this site is good at showing the pitfalls of buying in turkey and sometimes it is easy to forget the success stories and the expertise that is available on the forum. kym is right that there is lots of opinion but facts can only be assertained by trusted people in the know...
it's good to be aware of all possible dangers and the reality of what stresses come with the bureaucracy and internal politics of buying in turkey but to be fair many people on here have bought and are totally unfazed and happy with the process...
if there is a quandry between 2 countries - try both and see what sits well :eek:)

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