Completely Chillaxed
Sorry About The Mess
Ladies, you how it is when you know you've got visitors coming, you just have to clean the house from top to bottom? Relax. Take a leaf out of this lady's book ! :lol:

Sorry About The Mess


Sorry About The Mess
Oh no KKOB, you found me out. did you sneak into my bodrum place while I'm not there....... egads but its a mess......

Oh my God, that cant be for real......not really.........tell me it aint so.............
where on earth do you find these???

Alan Fidler

Ceteris paribus
Sorry About The Mess
Unless i missed it I didn't see any confirmation that the occupant was female... that was only suggested in the comments with the photo's.
It looks to me like student accommodation... There has been a program on TV here in the UK featuring people who let their houses get into this state.. two ladies and a army of cleaners go in to sort out the mess.. " how clean is your house" i think it's called. Not sure I'd want the job of digging through that lot... how many bodies did they find..?



Sorry About The Mess
I tell my daughter that one day she will be on the telly. She goes to drama class but we tease her we have organised an audition with Kim and Aggy. She is one messy little monster. Molly


Sorry About The Mess
I haven't quite worked out what the stuff on the bathroom floor is.

LOL!!!! sometimes Jolo, somethings are better without an answer, goodness only knows what it is or was LOL!!!!

I thought my lot were mucky, jeez they are pristine, compared to this little retreat LOL!!!

Wish I had a pound for every fag butt!!!!!

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