song title?
Hi all, I know this is a long shot, but we have just got back from Altinkum, and my 16 yr old son is trying to find out the name of a record that they are all playing in the bars. It sounds like panpipes, but it is a dance track and they play it in Cheers bar etc. Sorry not much to go on but worth a try Regards david...


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song title?
I don't live in Altinkum but my fiance is the music director in a well known hotel in Antalya, so i shall ask him for you..

But can you give me maybe a little more info please?

For example is there a vocalist? Male or female?

Do you remember any lyrics, however small??

At a guess i think it may be Hadise "Dum Tek Tek" it was Turkey's Eurovision entry & is hugely popular.

Hope this helps

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song title?
Can you get this link David it's the 1 Sasa thinks it might be.

[ame=]YouTube - Eurovision 2009 - Turkey - Hadise - Dum Tek Tek[/ame]

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