Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
Son et Lumiere over Side.
My first experience of Son et Lumiere was in the South of France in Cannes back in 1967. I was staying and working there for the 7 week summer break before going back to college.
I was totally blown away as friends and I watched and listened to the commentary as we sat on La Croissette, looking out towards L'Isle St. Margarite

After that evening, I knew that wherever I was, if there was any chance of seeing something like that again, I'd be there. One of the best I've ever seen was 10 years ago in Karnak Temple at the side of the Nile in Egypt. That was absolutely phenominal but tonight, I feel we possibly equalled that in Side.

I heard the initial low rumblings of thunder as it came up towards 2am this morning. Shortly after, a massive flash of lightening and BANG!! Right overhead. like Keith Moon on acid! Power went out.
Unplug the TV, proceed to the kitchen with candle and cigarette lighter so that I can put a pan of water on the gas cooker and make a coffee before I settle down to watch the storm.
The rain was starting to come down like the proverbial 'stair rods' as I put my coffee with added shot of moonshine, along with my ciggies, on a little stool by the open balcony door so that I could watch the show straight out over the ocean.
For a full 40 minutes or so it lit up in all its glory with tremendous clashes of thunder following just a couple of seconds behind as the storm was virtually right ovrthead. Absolutely brilliamt and as near as you'd ever get to a Son et Lumiere anywhere in the world. Commentary just wasn't required.

Now, almost 2 hours layer, the actual storm has moved on, all I can hear is the sound of the ocean but I'm still wide awake and heading for the kitchen for another coffee!
After all these weeks of me being quarantined, maybe this is telling me that it's about to come to an end and we can get back to some form of normality?:smile: :smile:

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