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Some sweet words....
There are several sweet words in Turkish

Aşk-ım is used in romantic relations
aşk means love, passion
When pronouncing it vigourly, you can already feel the passion : aşşşşşşk
so hence : my love = aşkım

Birtanem : my only one
coming from bir (one) and tane (piece)
so bir tanem : my only piece
only to be used in romantic relations.....

Then there is the much used word :
canım (pronounce : dzjanem)
this can be used in romantic situations, but is used all over
it is a very nice word really : it means "my soul"
I often use it for good female friends

gülüm is also very nice
gül means rose , so my rose
but curiously it can be used for men as well
maybe because gülmek also means to smile.....

Arkadaş means friend in a general way and can be used all over, it means really nothing at all........
and dost also means friend, but in a stronger way,
so dostum : my friend

and then you can also use sevgili as a adjectiv :
sevgili annem , my dear mother, it is often used in letters,
sevgi means love, but it is not that passionate as the word aşk

Iyi akşamlar sevgili TLF-members
I hoped you liked that, but I guess those who are the most likely to use those word, already know them......:smile:

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