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Solicitor needed asap

Can anyone recommend a good solicitor they have used lately. Have contacted Meral Guler office but they seem to be very busy. Need someone asap as coming out to Kusadasi in 2weeks time. Can anyone advise. Need someone who will do the job without having to chase them with calls etc

Thank you


Solicitor needed asap
Hi Sarah & Owen

Go and have a word with Boran Aydin. He speak excellent english and is very thorough. His office is in the same street as the small Tansas in the centre of town, but on the other side of the street. The doorway leading up to his office is next to a shop selling babywear, prams etc.

His contactr number is 0532 6742099.


Solicitor needed asap
Left hand side of this page is Acacia Solicitors with offices in London and Bodrum. We haven't actually used them yet, but they came well reccommended to us and when we spoke to them they seemed well enough on the ball and with excellent english spoken.
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