Sofia - Istanbul - Antalya (Otogar Q)
I have a friend coming this way by bus. Does anyone know if the bus station he arrives at in Istanbul will be the one he leaves on for Antalya? If not would there be a Service bus, or how much would it be for a taxi? I am presuming there are a lot of buses to Antalya? He has not booked from Sofia so I don't know when he will arrive (hoping there are lots of buses from Sofia to Istanbul- anyone know about that one??).

Thanks :)
Sofia - Istanbul - Antalya (Otogar Q)
hi there..he will change at the main otogar..Büyük Otogar..and it really is BİG ..he wont need to go anywhere else....there will be plenty of touts around to show him where to get his tickets and where the Antalya bus departs from
Sofia - Istanbul - Antalya (Otogar Q)
Sounds easy enough :)

I was speaking to someone today who said there were 2 Otogars- an international, and domestic- is this not the case then?
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Sofia - Istanbul - Antalya (Otogar Q)
hi again..he will arrive and change at 'Büyük Otogar' Luddenturks links are also very good.
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