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So "who ate all the pies" is going
So, liam (who ate all the pies ) :504xn: donaldson has finally called it a day.... GOOD. !!The Press Association: Chief medical officer to step down This guy want's to live in the real world for a bit, he's caused more people to be unemployed than anyone. And our local mp andy burnham(plick) is praising him! jeez its like the thatcher years,, balls up the country and you get a p*****g MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or a state funeral.... the sooner the better for the both of them) Don't know who is worst. Just have a look at his picture, and he's killed smoking ,( Come on Terry) !!tried to kill drinking now he's onto fecking swine flu . What does he do New years eve? have a decaff? to be dangerous? this is one of the faceless morons,(or in his case BIG FACE morons) that have made me sooooooooooooooooooooo wanna get out, before "they" bring in anything else that, in effect ballses up my humble existencece .
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