So proud
I saw recently a few lines started by a mum who was so proud of her son - the sausage man - that she wanted to tell you all about him, well, I just want to tell everyone how proud I am of my step daughter. Her first child, our first longed for grandchild died at 22 days. She was a 'born too soon' baby and put up a brave struggle to survive. As you can imagine it was a terrible time for us all but my step daughter threw herself into fund raising to ease her pain, her aim was to raise £22,000 which is one thousand pounds for each day of her beautiful daughters life. That was almost three years ago and although she has not quite reached her target yet she has managed to raise over £19,000 and we are sure she wont stop until she mets her target. This isnt a plea for donations, i'm just a proud step mum showing off.
So proud
Hi Molly thats both sad and heartening at the same time. What a lot to raise in such a short time, so very well done.
So proud
Nice post!
All the best to your stepdaughter with the fundraising.
I like singing from the rooftops about all that my kids do too but that post was special
Good luck to your family
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So proud
Great post, very well done. What an amazing perspective while suffering such a tradegy. You should post a link to her site.

Debbie Xx


So proud
Hi Molly, no wonder your proud, as a parent I cant imagine being able to get throught a single day if that happend never mind being able to focus on such a worthwhile cause.
No doubt the love and support she got from her loved ones was a huge help.

Gail x

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