So paypal decided in my favor!!
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH! and i got my full refund!!! omg would love to see the look on 'Dougs' face when he opens his e-mail! eheheheh

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
So paypal decided in my favor!!
I've no idea what this is about!

Here is Zuberdusts' thread relating to him getting a good result. (Hope Z don't mind me helping you, but he's a busy guy maybe chefing hard tonight. Just for you CrashTester, maybe you could start a poll, LOL.

so ive been useing it for a long time now and have had no problems with it... untill today, i orderd a vintage oil lamp shade which was hard to find the correct size for my holder anyway, so it arrived today and i opened it only to discover the lamp shade shattered! i was devastated! so i write to the seller and this BAST*** writes back

"Hi there I have sent many of these shades and they have never arrived broken.The post office approved this packaging and the item was marked fragile and was very securely packed.You did not request insurance so I suggest you take up this matter with the post office.I have 100%
positve feedback.Is the problem that is does not fit you oil lamp and that it was very convenient
for it to arrive broken!!!!!!

OMG i was so outraged by that comment! how dare he imply that i broke it as it was wrong size (which it was not, it would have been a perfect fit).... i once ordered a wrong size but accepted it as my own fault and moved on but this person accuses me of that! it is everything that i dont belive in and not somthing i would ever do! so anyway i have written to ebay about the situation... upon further inspection i noticed how poorly the glass shade was packaged, the box was almost same size as shade and should be bigger for padding, and i took all the wrap and rolled it into a ball, put it in the box and it did not even fit half the box!.... that amount should have been put in the middle not all of it! anyway im not gonna let it go!.... that W***** will give me a refund!

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