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So man made global warming is a myth
Have a read of this The great climate change science scandal - Times Online While I think recycling is a good thing, why then are we being penalised by everthing not "green" costing more if it isn't going to make any difference to the world or is it another stealth tax that we don't feel angry about because we are"saving the planet"
So man made global warming is a myth
Carol, you may think you're joking, but there's enough evidence that the virus is lab-made and the same business interests that own Big Pharma also dictate to Governments and through bodies such as the WHO. The offence on our nervous systems is just one of the fronts where we see the same old plan of world control unfolding. Interesting to see that ID cards are also a busy topic here on this forum today; and reassuring to see how the 'no' votes outrank the ones saying 'baaaa' ...

On global warming, of course it's real. The world is getting hotter. So is Mars, Uranus and the moons of Neptune, though, so I don't see how paying extra taxes is going to reduce what's happening throughout the solar system. The lie is that it's a result of human CO2 emissions. I am all for taking care of this planet, but the environmentalists agenda and the concerns about population growth are just Eugenics programmes wrapped up nicely so we will buy into them. We know that this planet has wealth enough for all, and that sustainable (free) energy resources are plentiful, but no Gevernment commitments nor huge love fests about making poverty history or saving the world will make a damn bit of difference. If people are starving and viruses are appearing, it's because someone, somewhere, wants it that way.

With clear admission of fixing the data to support a lie, why are Governments going to Copenhagen without questioning evidence that will have such huge repurcussions on economies globally, to set a worldwide tax based on cooked-up figures?

And everyone here, even those who got their flu jabs and ID cards already, know that their is something hugely suspicious going on. Maybe we prefer not to believe it, but when the BBC reports the collapse of building 7 at WTC on September 11 26 minutes BEFORE it happens, when swine flu makers Baxter release 72 KILOS OF LIVE AVIAN FLU for human injection, when you look at the list of constant black flag operations, who owns the media, right down to the dumbing down of newspapers and TV into infotainment of the lowest order, it gets harder and harder to deny the obvious facts. I was a 'coincidence theorist' long enough ... and I care for this planet, its people and my fellow citizens - what happened to the bit of the anthem where we swear we will never be slaves, yet we let European law override the law of our country and international organisations have access to our immune systems? We only have to scratch a little bit to see that behind this cutting edge period of humanity, where we can kill more people and destroy the environment faster than ever, something is seriously wrong - and we owe it to our children to resist according to our conscience this totalitarian superstate long-planned by the elite bankers and monarchies. Don't take my word for it - this is what David Rockerfeller recently had to say while thanking the US media for following instructions while they progressed their plan for world government forward:

“… it would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government …”

And here's another:

"For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

Listen carefully to the man himself on population control:

[ame=http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1107696/david_rockefeller_speaks_about_population_control/]David Rockefeller Speaks About Population Control. - Video[/ame]

Back to the 'carbon tax' discussion, you only have to watch any recent movie to see where it's all leading to. Anyone seen 'Happy Feet' - cute dancing penguins, ice is melting and the solution? World Government. In fact, doesn't that seem to be the solution to any major issue these days? While we are dealing with the day-to-day or distracted by the mundane, the world's 'problems' seem ever bigger and the attraction of a world government becomes an ever-more 'logical' choice - but by who's logic?

This is a world where the few try to control the many through sophisticated means, but we all have, by the grace of God, the ability, still, to work things out for ourselves - enquiring minds, rational thought and a sense of conscience.



ted j

So man made global warming is a myth
Totally agree with Neil. There are loads of things we aren't told, and i firmly believe the pharmacutical companies "own" most governments and make up a hell of a lot of their "statistics". Remember... tell the people a lie for long enough, and it becomes the truth


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So man made global warming is a myth
Oh heck this is all to complex for me .. But my friend knows all about this kind of stuff ..He says global warming is natural over thousands of years . and it got us out of the ice age !! Also he told me 2yrs ago that the 9/11 tradgedy was planned by the usa . So the contents of this thread seems to be correct . His Nephew a Pilot explained how an aircraft would'nt explode in the same way as the 9/11 ones did . I wish he was a member on here . he'd explain the reasons why ...May ask him to join ....Diane


So man made global warming is a myth
Neil YOU may have thought I was joking..... I know I'm not!


So man made global warming is a myth
You want to know about vaccines?
Watch these in order.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3XlJB7J5-o]YouTube - Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009 | (part 1 of 3)[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ch5OuzB9L48&feature=related]YouTube - Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009 | (part 2 of 3)[/ame]

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAgWO2yq1k8&feature=related]YouTube - Gary Null Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing | 10-13-2009 | (part 3 of 3)[/ame]


So man made global warming is a myth
I am with Neil on this one. We are being fed a lot of information which is part of an agenda and yes if it is told long enough and sounds feasible, in time the majority will accept it.
I saw a documentary about 9/11 a long time ago and whilst I could still find a few holes in it, for the most it was good enough for me to suggest all was not as we have been told.
I have also kept enough of an open mind about global warming to listen to ALL of the evidence and from both sides. My own opinion is that it is a cycle the planet goes through from time to time, a natural cycle and that all the guff about CO2 is used for taxes. It doesn't mean we couldn't improve things by being more pollution conscious but it does mean that basically with or without our efforts (and taxes) global warming - and cooling would still happen.
The over-riding factor for me is that in the last 12 years I haven't been able to believe anything said from our government and yet they are the ones banging the drum loudest !
So man made global warming is a myth

Of course 9-11 was an 'inside job'. Witnesses report explosions, the buildings came down in a controlled demolition pattern and building 7 collapsed while not even being hit by anything. Just like Hitler burning his own Reichstag, it was a catalyst for exploiting people's fear to bring in a fascist state. If anyone thinks this an exagerration, please look at the dictionary definition of Fascism. The only difference between the European fascism of Germany was that the state took over the corporate sector, while today it's the corporate sector which has taken over Government.

Until we abandon this phoney war on 'terror' (not even a war on 'terrorism' or 'terrorists') and get some real transparency on who owns the WHO, WTO, pharmacy companies and media, we are entering the endgame of a long-planned assault on the freedom of humanity by an elite who only disappeared from sight but are the same old monarchs of old, and consider us 'subjects' with a value on the stock exchange but no value as human beings.

CJD, point taken. And it's we who support this system, so we all have to take individual responsibility, by either refusing their vaccines or speaking out without fear of ridicule. Those who deny there's a global conspracy will go the way of flat-earthers ... unless we all stay silent while they round us up and chip us.

Crashtester - no-one would disagree that the world is crowded, but we really do have the resources for all. But you can't reduce a country's population as proposed through education and voluntary reduction of family size - forced sterilisation, euthenasia, viruses, ethnic cleansing and war are the typical methods used this last century. Will you be so happy when your genetic profile is considered too flawed for you or your descendants to enjoy the rights of parenthood?

The quoted 'politician', Porrit, is simply a Malthusian eugenicist posing as an environmentalist. His father Lord Porrit was a racist governor of New Zealand famous for the same argument (depopulation), but in those days he put it in economic terms, that there were 'too many people for the welfare state'. Porrit is onthe board of the creepy 'Optimum Population Trust' founded to promote Rockefeller's agenda. Porrit himself has been on his knees before the Queen to receive a CBE ... what's creepy is this guy, with his depopulation agenda has such 'green' credentials. If you watch from about 1:29, the Eugenics programme is pretty clearly explained...

[ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1070329053600562261&ei=QBYUS4TfN52k2wLwncSnCQ&q=endgame&hl=en&view=2&emb=1]ENDGAME- ALEX JONES - Blueprint for Global Enslavement[/ame]

For anyone in doubt about the 9-11 hoax, here's a good place to start - 9-11 begins around 0:40.

[ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197&ei=kRcUS86SK6HC2wKjs9XqDg&q=zeitgeist&hl=en]Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition[/ame]



So man made global warming is a myth
From main article on first post -

"Sceptics, particularly in America, have suggested that scientists who believe in climate change are part of a global left-wing conspiracy to divert billions of dollars into green technology."

Left wing conspiracy/right wing global domination, take your pick.

All I know is that it is now becoming more and more difficult to argue against the "perceived wisdom" on this topic, without be labelled as thick or gullible.
It strongly reminds me of similar attitudes around several contentious areas of this Government's policies earlier in the decade, when we were warned off even debating the issues concerned, so as not to cause offence/upset.

In this case, if even the fundamental science, on which so much else depends, is thought to be suspect, then the whole ball of wax should be examined again and the IPCC and their doom-laden theories/projections should be put on hold, until we have statistics we can trust.

Good riddance to all the Green Zealots, who would happily take us back to living in caves - time to eat some humble pie, people?

So man made global warming is a myth
The great 'Cholesterol con' is an example of drug companies manipulating & creating data that supports the prescribing of their drugs hence more & more profits. If you read & study independent research, statins do not extend your life, they actually shorten it by increasing cancer & other health risks, plus the horrendous side effects.

Food manufacturers fill processed food with so much crap, whilst Governments tell us that the diet we have had for millions of years is bad for us (animal meats & fats)

No wonder we are are overweight, always ill, taking pills and living shorter lives!

Global warming is yet another stealth tax being created by mis-information, which if said enough many people will ultimately belive it to be true.

Never, never trust a politician or a government!

ted j

So man made global warming is a myth
I guess the moral is, don't believe ANYTHING any "experts" say, (an expert is someone, who is INDEPENDANT from outside influence from any "subscribing" outside body, and they should also know EVERYTHING about that subject). how many government"figures" fall into this catagory........ answer................... NONE. If i knew how to start a poll, i'd ask "how much of the current government statements do think are BULLSHIT". now that would be interersting!. By the way Gazgaskell , I don't buy into " Chololestorol" Statistics either. Ted
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So man made global warming is a myth
A classic, and I have mentioned this before, is Atkins and his diet. I am going to try to keep tis short but he was a cardiologist, he reduced peoples carb intake in order to stabilize people's blood sugars. This means that people dont have as much insulin whizzing round their bodes and insulin is what makes us store Cholesterol. He advocated eating natural foods (meat, vegetables, salad and berries) and fats. He was absolutely crucified in the media and his way of eating was misreported too. Experts were brought in to tell us how bad his diet was. The experts were paid for by the industries producing low fat foods and the companies producing bread, cakes biscuits.

Since I looked in to this and joined forums to do with low carbing, I have realised it is sinister what we are fed by the media.


So man made global warming is a myth
I guess the moral is, don't believe ANYTHING any "experts" say
I would suggest that if anything the `expert` highlights a subject that may or may not be controversial, having highlighted it we then go and do our own research on it and make our own minds up. Just look at the info posted on this particular thread, nobody is saying believe it but many are suggesting view it or read it and make your own mind up.
Depending on an individuals beliefs he then has an informed choice.

Atkins and his diet
sinister what we are fed by the media
... nice one :)

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