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So - how do you hold your glass?
BBC NEWS | Health | 'Glass hold' reveals personality

When I think I have too much time on my hands I find something like this which shows me other people have even more time to waste!

I am waiting for the FA Cup final to start and am hoding a bottle of Efes in a "Borderline Alcoholic" type hold. I.E. never far from my lips.

The way l hold my glass is not to impress others.But to use ancestry behaviour instincts for one purpose only,and that's to stuff it down my gullet as quickly as possible.
lt's all down to survival,before the other gannets come along and nic my drink.
l believe in what one has, is to have and to hold,with the intentions of subduing it and to multiply in weight quickly,for the onset of winter to come.

So.My personality shows l have Neantherdal Man instincts
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So - how do you hold your glass?
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........Apparently I'm a Old Flirt. :wink:

No, hang on.............

Sorry, Mrs KKOB, says i'm not listening properly..................

I'm an Old Fart ! :lol:


So - how do you hold your glass?
:lol::lol::lol: Hmmmmm, appears I am a flirt too LOL!!! :lol::lol::lol:
So - how do you hold your glass?
A friend of mine has suggested the Nurse, in which people hold on to their drink as though they are keeping it alive, thus avoiding ever having to buy a round.


So - how do you hold your glass?
I did not quite get this story, if I am drinking from something like a wineglass I tend to hold it in my right hand and I have noticed that my pinkie, little finger, nearly always sticks out. This must be to act as a balance, as the liquid rushes to its rightful place. Come to think of it I do that with my prefered liquid, beer, glass, bottle or tinny it is the rapid deployment that is important and a good steady balanced hand. It also seldom leaves the hand until finished, ready for the next.


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So - how do you hold your glass?
I notice that there is no reference to the trembler. The trembler must be numerically at least the most important member of the imbibing masses.

You just cant take these thing seriously.
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